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FFL Transfer Policy


This policy applies to ALL FFL transfers processed by Eddy’s,

including Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, and Receivers.


BEFORE YOU PURCHASE ONLINE, we recommend that you ask us for a quote on the firearm you are interested in purchasing. Often we can offer you the same firearm at an equivalent or lower cost than buying online.

All firearms received by Eddy’s must be CA compliant when they arrive. NO EXCEPTIONS. This means semi-automatic center-fire rifles must be FEATURELESS or have a FIXED MAGAZINE no greater than ten rounds, and be of legal minimum length (30”), which may require the stock to be pinned. Handguns must be supplied with ten round magazines only and threaded barrels are prohibited.

We do NOT offer any magazine modification services.

All handguns must either be currently on the CA roster of safe firearms or be exempt of the roster provisions. If the handgun is exempt due to age or C&R status it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to provide documentation that supports the exemption. Non-exempt, non-roster firearms may be transferred to Law Enforcement Officers or other persons exempted by law.

Under absolutely no circumstances will we receive a firearm from anyone other than a FFL Dealer. We DO NOT RECEIVE FROM INDIVIDUALS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All shipping FFL’s must be registered with the CFLC ship notification service and must include a CFLC ship notification with all transfer firearms.

All firearms MUST arrive with an invoice or bill of sale stating sale price and other ancillary costs. 

Sales Tax of 9.125% will be collected on the FULL invoice amount paid unless the seller has collected CA sales tax and it is recorded on the invoice. 

EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2024 a California firearms excise tax of 11% will be collected on the invoice amount.

FEES are $150 per firearm valued up to $1000. 5% of the invoice amount exceeding $1000 will also be collected. $37.19 will be collected for the CA DROS fee. 


Once you have selected and purchased your firearm, you must provide Eddy’s the email address of the shipping dealer by emailing us at greg@eddysguns.com . We do NOT fax our FFL nor do we provide it to any individuals. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Any firearm that arrives at Eddy’s that does not comply with these terms will be refused and/or returned to the shipper.