Eddy's Shooting Sports

Serving Bay Area Shooters Since 1950

Eddy's Shooting Sports is the reincarnation of the now defunct Eddy's Sport Shop. Greg David, the third generation of Eddy's has succeeded in his quest to re-build the family business back to its former glory. Eddy's has been supplying shooters of all types with the finest guns and accessories since 1950.


Serving Bay Area Shooters since 1950

Eddy's Shooting Sports

What we sell



Eddy's carries an enormous selection of firearms of all kinds. We sell most major brands and can source special and unique firearms upon request. Our selection is extremely diverse, covering all aspects of shooting, including home defense, hunting, target shooting, and collecting. We also specialize in buying and selling used firearms. At any given time, there are more than 500 guns in stock and the selection changes daily. 




From .17HMR to .50BMG, we have the selection of ammunition you are looking for and at competitive prices. In the tradition of the old Eddy's, we strive to keep a comprehensive selection of calibers on hand, including those oddball military and hunting rounds that nobody else carries in stock.


Optics and Accessories

Our store is crammed full of the best optics and all the accessories you might need. Magazines, cases, modern sporting rifle parts, holsters, etc. If we don't have it, we can most likely get it for you!

What we don't have

Unfortunately the size of our shop does limit us a bit.

We have no shooting range.

We highly recommend Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club as the best destination for shooting in the South Bay.

We do not carry reloading equipment or supplies, but we can special order just about anything.

Sorry, no archery. Again, we can special orders items for you. No clothing. No clay pigeons.