An unlikely opportunity was presented to me last year, whereas I am now the owner of a personal seat license for the San Francisco Giants at Oracle Park. As any baseball fan knows, there a LOT of games in every season, so selling tickets to friends and family is paramount to recouping a very large upfront investment. Diane and I have earmarked games for ourselves and this year we have two partners so the number of games available is much lower this season than last. Currently we have 32 games available to sell, mostly in the June and July timeframe. If you want to experience our seats again this season, please do not hesitate to secure your desired date as soon as possible. I will be doing some ticket exchanges to allow us to bring friends on days we go and when the remaining games get down to under ten, I will also be returning some tickets for credit against the 2025 season. I would rather sell them though! DO NOT DELAY IF YOU WANT TO BUY TICKETS!

Now about the seats. We have two seats in Lower Box section 113, Row 31, Seats 1 and 2. These seats are in an ADA accessible area raised about four feet up from the rest of the section at the very rear. They sit directly in front of the Oracle Champions Club, which is next to the Press Boxes. There is nothing but a railing in front and to the right and nothing behind you. The adjacent seats are at least a foot away. The seats are ALWAYS in the shade. So, no standing up for others and no climbing over people to get to your seats. The level of comfort and convenience is about as good as can be had in this ball park. There is premium beer only twenty or so steps away. Bathrooms are maybe 100-150 steps. The escalator to Willy Mays Plaza is equally close. There is an endless selection of concessions available along the main concourse. You do NOT need to be physically impaired in any way to use these seats, but if you are, there is ramp access to them.

The prices I am asking are basically "face value", based on the variable pricing I paid for each game. They are NOT "cheap seats", but you will find that their location and convenience will easily justify the expense. I am NOT trying to make money, but rather trying to make sure that the seats get used for every game and I recoup as much as possible for my investment in the games we will not attend.

Payment can be cash in person, check, or Zelle. Tickets will be transferred to you from the MLB Ballpark app so you will need to install this on your smart device. If you are unable to use a set of tickets you can offer to sell them back  to me or you may sell/transfer them to someone else. However, if I find out that anyone resells tickets for a profit, I will permanently ban you from buying my seats ever again. This would also obviously create quite a strain on whatever friendship or business relationship we share. I don't have to sell these tickets at such low prices, since I could list most of them at a premium online, but I CHOOSE to share this great experience with people I know.

Games that are available are listed below with a tag of "For Sale" and the price for two seats is listed. You may also inquire about other games, and we or our partners may consider selling them. 

Unfortunately our friend John, that had seats 3 and 4, directly next to ours has moved one section away. I will still have access to some of his tickets If you are interested in attending a game that I don't have available or if you don't mind being split from the others in a group of four people. I can also request seats 3/4 from my season ticket rep, but they may or may not be available for any given game and the pricing may be more due to their variable pricing model.

The best contact method will be via a text message to my business phone number, 650-969-4867. This will establish order for first come, first served selection of seats. I apologize for the wordiness, but I want to make everything as clear as possible out of the gate. 

Pick your games and Go Giants!

If you are unable to see the calendar below, try again on a PC or tablet. It may not work with your smart phone.

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Our seats are located where you see the wheelchair icon directly at the back of section 113.