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We are closed until further notice by order of the Mountain View Police Department and the Mountain View City Attorney's office.

The Santa Clara County Office of Public Health in association with the Santa Clara County Counsel's office have determined firearms businesses non-essential.

In their latest FAQ, the county indicates that firearms businesses may deliver to a customer's residence, but this unfortunately would be in violation of state and federal law. We are not allowed to have customers in our place of business which precludes us from selling or delivering any firearms or ammunition.

We are working with attorneys and second amendment organizations to implore the county to update their definition of essential business and hopefully at least allow us to deliver firearms that have already been purchased. 

The Mountain View City Attorney's Office indicated as well that they would be in contact with the County Health Office and the County Counsel to determine if there is a possibility to designate a protocal for delivering firearms.They have agreed to provide further information to us by 5PM on Monday March 30th.

If you currently have an appointment to pick your firearm, please add four days to the date scheduled. For example, if your appointment is on Friday, it is now on Tuesday. Saturday is now Wednesday and so on.

We apologize for this delay and uncertainty, but it is unfortunately out of our hands. 

If you have an urgent need to contact us, please email

If you would like to help persuade the authorities to change their view in regards to your second amendment rights, you can email the following officials.

Mountain View Police Chief Max Bosel at

Mountain View City Attorney at

Santa Clara County Counsel at

Santa Clara County office of public health at

This information is alsoavailable on our website at